“I alone cannot change the world…but I can cast a stone across the water…to create many ripples.”

– Mother Teresa



Justine Hastings

Professor of Economics
and International and Public Affairs


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Justine has a track record of innovative research and collaboration with public and private partners. She became an economist in order to use science to improve people’s lives and impact the world for good. This is reflected in her work which combines economics and big data to to solve social problems. She contributes to research in education, retirement policy, household finance, as well as marketing, competition and environmental regulation. She serves on the Academic Research Council for the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and on the Council of Economic Advisors to the Governor of Rhode Island. Justine holds a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Lint Barrage

Assistant Professor of Economics
and Environmental Studies

Lint Barrage is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies. Her research addresses the most pressing environmental regulation topics ranging from regulatory oversight to carbon taxes to measuring the value of environmental resources. Lint has a BA from University of Chicago and a PhD from Yale.

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Seth Zimmerman

Assistant Professor of Economics and Richard  N. Rosett Faculty Fellow,  University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Seth Zimmerman is an Assistant Professor of Economics and the Richard N. Rosett Faculty Fellow at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. His research focuses on how public policies can improve schools and ensure equitable access to economic opportunity. Seth received his PhD from Yale University and his BA from Dartmouth College.

Emily Oster

Professor of Economics
and International and Public Affairs

Emily Oster is an Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs and Public Policy and a Research Associate at the NBER. She is passionate about child health and development, producing research and translating it for broad impact. In addition to research articles, she has authored popular books and articles translating technical results into practical guidelines for real mothers and children. She earned her BA and her PhD from Harvard University in economics.
Emily’s Research Page

Jesse M. Shapiro

George S. and Nancy B. Parker
Professor of Economics

Jesse’s fields of expertise are Industrial Organization, Political Economy and Behavioral Economics. He studies how marketing shapes consumer behavior, the impact of media on attitudes and economic behavior, economic growth in US cities, and the impact of urban quality of life on productivity and economic growth. He was named one of the top eight young economists by the Economist in 2008, and is a recognized leader in big data analysis. Jesse received his BA and PhD in economics from Harvard University.
Jesse’s Research Page

Eric Chyn

Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia

His research evaluates the effects of government policies with a particular emphasis on studying programs that affect children. He holds a PhD from the University of Michigan and a BBA from Baylor University.

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